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Affordable Websites For Small Business. Focus on your core business while we take the hassle and the stress out of managing your own website design, maintenance, and hosting. …

Call 407.600.9249 for a free, no-pressure website demo and consultation.

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Top 5 Reasons to use Bootstrap

  • Speed of Development – Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of using Bootstrap is the speed of development.
  • Responsiveness – Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity year after year.
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Responsive Layout

Creating mobile ready websites is a breeze with Bootstrap thanks to the fluid grid layout that dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution. There is virtually no work that needs to be done to achieve proper responsiveness.

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About Us

Since 2002, Website Solutions has been dedicated to providing the best service possible at affordable prices for small business, government and professional organizations.

Website Solutions is a one-man design and development studio. As a small business owner myself, I understand the needs and demands of a small business. Your focus needs to be on your day-to-day and not on managing a website. That’s why I can develop the perfect affordable website solution for your organization that requires minimal maintenance.

Whether you need a new website or a site redesign, I am ready to help! Let me create a site that reflects your business personality to attract new clients and keep your current clients impressed.

I can guarantee the right solutions that will work for you and your small business or organization!

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Glen Graham
Founder & CEO

Our Services

So, What is our Brand Strategy?

Our brand strategy is a plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved with the evolution of a successful branding your company, product or services – in other words the combined components of your company’s character that make it identifiable.

This will consist of a well-defined and custom executed brand strategy affecting all aspects of a your business and is directly connected to your consumer needs, emotions, and your industry competitive environments.


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Brand Development Strategy

  1. We consider your overall business strategy.

A very strong, well differentiated brand will make growing your brand much faster and easier. We need to determine what company brand do you want? Is it a feasible planning to grow your brand organically? Your overall business strategy is the context for your brand development strategy, so that’s the place to start. If you are clear about where you want to take your firm, your brand will help you get there.

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  1. Identify your target clients.

Who are your target clients? If you say “everybody” you are making a very big mistake. Our research clearly shows that high growth, high profit firms are focused on having clearly defined target clients. The narrower the focus, the faster the growth. The more diverse the target audience, the more diluted your marketing efforts will be. So how do you know if you have chosen the right target client group? That’s where the next step comes in.

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Coding Secure Practices

Validate input. Validate input from all untrusted data sources. Proper input validation can eliminate the vast majority of software vulnerabilities. Be suspicious of most external data sources, including command line arguments, network interfaces, environmental variables, and user controlled files [Seacord 05].

Heed compiler warnings. Compile code using the highest warning level available for your compiler and eliminate warnings by modifying the code [C MSC00-A, C++ MSC00-A]. Use static and dynamic analysis tools to detect and eliminate additional security flaws.
Architect and design for security policies. Create a software architecture and design your software to implement and enforce security policies. For example, if your system requires different privileges at different times, consider dividing the system into distinct intercommunicating subsystems, each with an appropriate privilege set.

Keep it simple. Keep the design as simple and small as possible [Saltzer 74, Saltzer 75]. Complex designs increase the likelihood that errors will be made in their implementation, configuration, and use. Additionally, the effort required to achieve an appropriate level of assurance increases dramatically as security mechanisms become more complex.
Default deny. Base access decisions on permission rather than exclusion. This means that, by default, access is denied and the protection scheme identifies conditions under which access is permitted [Saltzer 74, Saltzer 75].

Adhere to the principle of least privilege. Every process should execute with the the least set of privileges necessary to complete the job. Any elevated permission should be held for a minimum time. This approach reduces the opportunities an attacker has to execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges [Saltzer 74, Saltzer 75].
Sanitize data sent to other systems. Sanitize all data passed to complex subsystems [C STR02-A] such as command shells, relational databases, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. Attackers may be able to invoke unused functionality in these components through the use of SQL, command, or other injection attacks. This is not necessarily an input validation problem because the complex subsystem being invoked does not understand the context in which the call is made. Because the calling process understands the context, it is responsible for sanitizing the data before invoking the subsystem.

Practice defense in depth. Manage risk with multiple defensive strategies, so that if one layer of defense turns out to be inadequate, another layer of defense can prevent a security flaw from becoming an exploitable vulnerability and/or limit the consequences of a successful exploit. For example, combining secure programming techniques with secure runtime environments should reduce the likelihood that vulnerabilities remaining in the code at deployment time can be exploited in the operational environment [Seacord 05].

Use effective quality assurance techniques. Good quality assurance techniques can be effective in identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities. Fuzz testing, penetration testing, and source code audits should all be incorporated as part of an effective quality assurance program. Independent security reviews can lead to more secure systems. External reviewers bring an independent perspective; for example, in identifying and correcting invalid assumptions [Seacord 05].
Adopt a secure coding standard. Develop and/or apply a secure coding standard for your target development language and platform.

What is strategic design?

Strategic design is the fusion of your organizational goals with every aspect of your design process. You aren’t simply designing a user interface that looks good and is usable and accessible. You’re designing an interface that will help you accomplish your organization’s objectives.

Implementing Strategic Design

Let’s take a look at how we can use six steps to think strategically about a Web design project:

Establish your goals

One of the first things you need to do before starting work on a Web design project is to be clear about your client or organization’s goals. What are you trying to achieve with the new website or redesign? What is the website’s main purpose? Ask your client, your manager or yourself what those are. If they or you don’t know yet, then they should be discussed and agreed upon. A clear direction is essential if you want your design to have a purpose.

Identify your audience

Who your audience is will play a big role in how your website should look and function. There are many demographics here that can influence your design, ones like age, gender, profession and technical competency.

Determine your brand image

A lot of designers tend to get a little too inspired by the latest trends and then implement them without thinking first about what sort of image they really should be conveying. Glossy buttons, gradients and reflective floors may work for some websites, but they may not be right for your brand.

Goal-driven design direction

You’ve established the purpose of your website, set some goals you want to achieve, identified your audience and determined your brand image. You can now proceed to implement it. So how do you make design decisions sync with your strategy?

Measure results

Once you’ve designed and deployed your website, it’s time to measure your success. This is just as important as the first two steps because until you test how well your design performs, you won’t know whether or not it is effective in fulfilling your goals.


There is a Japanese philosophy called “Kaizen,” which focuses on continuous improvement using small steps. When you work on your website, you should be thinking of Kaizen because the version you’ve just published is not the final version. There doesn’t even have to be a final version.


Advertising & Direct Mail
Annual Reports
Brand Stationary & Collateral
Business Cards
Product Catalogs
Sales & Marketing
Indoor/Outdoor Signage
Branded Vehicle Graphics

In this digitally cluttered marketplace, print material and marketing collateral serve as an incomparable visual experience for your customers. Have us create your business cards, annual reports, brochures and event tradeshow displays to help you reach out to more customers in a unique, impactful way.

Artisan Creative also offers custom illustrations – nothing can devalue your business like overused clip-art and cheesy stock photography, so let us design something that’s memorable and differentiates your brand from your competitors.

Design Strategy for Adding Animation To Your Website

Let me start by clarifying that this post is not about adding large scale, movie-like animations to your website homepage. You might not even notice some of the subtle animations referred to in this post, but they are everywhere on the modern web. Open your favorite mobile app, and even the login screen is filled with animation: bouncing icons, changing colors, update messages fading in and out. All of these small touches of animation significantly enhance the user experience. Business and Mobile app development are filled with such enhancements. So how do you include app-like user interface animation on your website?

The Game Plan

How do you plan in the design phase to make implementing animation more efficient in the development phase? Here is what the Daylight team has found to be effective.

Step 1

Animation will help shape the personality of a website. With that in mind, before you add animation you first need to decide what your brand’s voice and tone look like and then what type of animations would display that voice visually.

Step 2

Now that a style and feeling has been chosen and documented, it’s time to search for opportunities to implement animations. List the opportunities in order of importance, starting with the those that best support the product’s goals. Guiding the user through interaction points like hovering over a button, clicking a link, displaying error messages and submitting a form, should be your focus.

Step 3

Using your new list of animation opportunities, uncover the individual components that need to be designed. How you approach the design of an animation is a bit tricky and can be handled many ways depending on team preferences and ability. One quick approach is to search for examples and compile a small library. Examples may be displayed in many respects, like screen captures, URLs of websites, Codepen examples, custom designed animation videos or links to demos. Gather whatever model type works best for your team and catalog them with your list from step 2. Now you know where you want animations and how the motion should look.

Step 4

Review your final list and example catalog for consistency. This simple step is of great importance to avoid common pitfalls that come with adding animation. In Step 4 you might decide to rank the list as Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 based on expected budget constraints. Or you might even cut out some animations that seem unnecessary. Most importantly, you look for patterns and add, adjust or subtract animations so that similar components will have similar motion.

What we are good at


Photoshop is our go to image-editing program, we can use Photoshop to "alter" images like photos, downloaded icons, or scanned artwork. Altering an image includes doing such things as changing the colors within an image, modifying the size and scale of an image, or putting one picture "within" another. We also can use Photoshop to create amazing features, including scaled images up or down,with color options which can be combined to create additional color looks, to make your subject appears in front or behind objects like a wall. Or just simpley make your image or photo into a 3D rendering.


Illustrator allows us to use layers in your artwork.

  • Creating and editing layers
  • Naming layers
  • Layers versus sublayers
  • Layers panel options
  • Using layers to select content
  • Merging and sharing layers
  • Controlling layer appearance
  • Super Support

    Effective and productive websites and web applications require regular website maintenance, updates, and the occasional fix and repair. Technologies improve, content needs refreshing, and security is constantly in flux. Finding the right website maintenance services company can be daunting, so talk to us first, it’s free, so give us a call and let us do it all!


    The first part to improving a website’s performance and organization revolves around identifying a good strategy and structure for developing the code base. Specifically, building a strong directory architecture, outlining design patterns, and finding ways to reuse common code.


    The Strategy pattern encapsulates alternative algorithms (or strategies) for a particular task. It allows a method to be swapped out at runtime by any other method (strategy) without the client realizing it. Essentially, Strategy is a group of algorithms that are interchangeable.


    If you require the latest tools and techniques on JavaScript Patterns, jQuery Patterns, and Pattern Architectures, we use JavaScript, jQuery Design Pattern Framework to get your project done just how you want it to include:

  • JavaScript-optimized GoF patterns
  • Modern JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Model-View Design Patterns
  • jQuery Design Patterns
  • Architecture patterns
  • JavaScript Idioms (great fun!)
  • Sample Apps (MVC, SPA, etc.)
  • Meet The Creative Team


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    Affordable Web Solution Specially Designed For Small Business To Medium Size Companies

    So Finally…a very fast, simple easy and affordable solution to professionally get your small business online. We specialize in getting the best results for our clients.

    Web Hosting

    $995 per month
    • 1 Domain
    • 10GB Disk Space
    • 20GB Bandwidth
    • 20 Email Accounts
    • 24/7 Support
    • $30 Google Adwords
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    Cloud Hosting

    $1495 per month
    • 5 Domain
    • 20GB Disk Space
    • 100GB Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 24/7 Support
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    5 Page Design & Setup

    Best Offer
    $39999 Design & Setup
    • Then $39.95 Monthly Service
    • Professional Website Design
    • Includes First 5 Pages*
    • Google Maps Integration
    • Connect Social Media
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Connect Your Domain
    • Includes First Month of Service
    • * Additional pages: $9.95 each
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    $2495 per month
    • Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • 10 Dedicated IP
    • $200 Google Adwords
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    Work Process


    1. Discuss the project

    THE DISCOVERY PHASE - We take the time to know our client’s and their needs. We make sure that all parties are on the same page and aligned with the objectives of the project.

    2. Project Start

    PLANNING - We outline the ideas and details of how we will go about the project by defining content and marketing strategies that create a course of action for achieving the client’s goals.

    3. Inform you during work

    CREATE - The content collected during the Planning Phase is translated into a design. This phase combines all forms of web content such as text, graphics, and media. The client can now see how the project might look completed.

    4. Show you the Prototype

    DEVELOP - During this phase, the inner workings of the site are checked to ensure that web and code standards are met. Quality Assurance Testing is performed to verify that the site correctly functions, and is aligned with the design specifications.

    5. Complete the work

    DELIVER - This is the final phase where the product is delivered to the client. The client is reassured of post-implementation support as the project is now considered complete.

    6. Time to tell the world

    PUBLICATION AND MAINTAIN - This phase is designed to get your website published by submitting it to all major search engines. We also start the performance review keep your website up to date and running smoothly. It involves regularly scheduled content and security updates.

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